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    How to Make a GIF from Video?

    GIF animated picture is more expressive than a normal picture and is smaller and shorter than a video, so GIF has quickly become a popular way for people to express themselves on the internet. So do you want to make an interesting GIF from a video to share it with your friends through internet? Then here comes the question: how to make a GIF from video?


    In fact, it is very easy to convert video to GIF. Now this article will teach you how to create GIF from video with computer software, online video to GIF converter and apps on smart phones.


    • Make a GIF from Videoon Computer with Instagiffer
    • Create a GIF from Video Online with
    • Convert Video to GIF on Android withGIF Maker
    • Make a GIF from Video on iPhone with ImgPlay


    Make a GIF from Video on Computer with Instagiffer

    Instagiffer is a powerful and full-featured GIF creator that can convert various video foramts to GIF easily and quickly on Windows or Mac system. It not only allows you to load video from your computer or YouTube links but also enables you to capture the GIF-worthy moments on your screen.Instagiffer contains many advanced features which allow users to customize their GIFs. With Instagiffer, you can set the start time, choose the length of your GIF, adjust the smoothness, crop the video and add captions and filters on your GIF. Instagiffer is totally free, and free from ads and spyware.  

    Step 1: Load the video file from your computer, or paste a video link in the box, or click the “Capture Screen” to capture a screen.

    Step 2: Customize your GIF by setting the “Start Time”, adjusting the brightness, adding captions, and etc.

    Step 3: Crop the video.

    Step 4: Click “Create GIF” to start the process of converting video to GIF.


    Create a GIF from Video Online with is an easy-to-use and free online video to GIF converter, with which you can convert video to GIF without installing a program on your computer. You can choose a file from your computer or upload a video from a video link. You are entitled to set the start time and end time, and change the size and frame rate of the GIF. If you want to crop or add subtitles to the video, you use the tools on before you convert video to GIF. The max file supported by is 100MB.

    Step 1: Upload the video file from your computer or a video link.

    Step 2: Set the “Start time” and “End time”, choose the size and frame rate.

    Step 3: Click the “Convert to GIF” button to begin the conversion process.

    Step 4: Download the GIF to your computer.


    Convert Video to GIF on Android with GIF Maker

    GIF Maker is an application based on Android platform for people to convert video to GIF. It also can edit GIF, convert GIF to video, and convert GIF to picture. It is a full-featured GIF creator which allows you to customize your GIF in many ways. The converted files made by GIF Maker can be shared to some social networks directly.

    Step 1: Click the tab “CREATE NEW” on the top right corner or the add button to choose the video file you want to convert.

    Step 2: Set the “Start” and “End” time, and click the “Apply” button.

    Step 3: Now you can edit the video. You can adjust the speed, add effect, choose frame, and add label, sticker and image.

    Step 4: Click the “SAVE” button on the top right corner to save the video as GIF. Or you can click the “SHARE” button to share the GIF to your social network.


    Make a GIF from Video on iPhone with ImgPlay

    ImgPlay is a video to GIF maker designed for iOS platform. It can make GIFs from live photos, photos, burst photos and video quickly and easily. It contains many customization tools which allow you to edit the video, add captions, add filters and make other customizations. The converted file can be shared on some social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Weibo directly.

    Step 1: Click the “Video” tab from the drop-down box on the main interface and choose the video you want to convert.

    Step 2: Then you will enter an interface where you can edit the video. You can change the frame order, adjust the speed and add captions on the video.

    Step 3: Click the “Done” button to go into the preview interface. Here you can click the “Save” tab to save the video as GIF with low, medium, or high quality. You can also share the GIF to your social networks at this step.


    Now you must have known how to make GIF from video. If you think it is more convenient for you to use a program on computer to do the conversion job, you can use Instagiffer; if you want to make GIF online, you can try or other online GIF creator; if you prefer to use smartphone, you can use the app we recommend. Just have a try to find the way you like most. Thank you for reading.


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